Network & Server Support

Many organizations are challenged with enabling their associates to be productive by providing access to company assets in a secure way across multiple devices in and out of the office. Employees expect the same experience level regardless of device, location or applications, and it is this expectation that many organizations are challenged to meet, let alone exceed. Aeterna offers numerous solutions that enable organizations to access company assets in a secure way - no matter which device, type of locations, or applications.Most organizations are challenged with building a robust and secure routing and switching architecture that enables their users to communicate, collaborate, and be productive all while being easy to use and manage.The right security technology, implemented the right way, can open up new opportunities.Aeterna has the unique ability to provide a variety of solutions that are designed to protect users and organizations by offering comprehensive protection and control over web traffic.

The goal of any cyber security policy should be to detect, defend and recover from any cyber-attack. Network visibility and control are vital to enabling a robust and secure environment for users to access data. Utilizing a robust IPS/IDS solution is vital to identifying malicious activity, log information about this activity, attempt to block/stop it, and report it. Using an award-winning rules-based engine, Aeterna has the capability to provide best in class network intrusion detection and prevention by using extensive analytics, end to end reporting, and enterprise level scalability and reliability. We enables WAN Optimization, Load Balancing and Application Delivery to remote users. Aeterna WAN Optimization solutions help organizations accelerate application performance - allowing them to manage usage and bandwidth needs and set application security levels to align with corporate business requirements.

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